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Principle of anti fog bathroom vanity mirror

What is the principle of defogging after PET anti-fog film is installed in the anti fog bathroom vanity mirror?

This may be the trouble that we often encounter, no matter what the case, the mirror fogging phenomenon is inevitable, so what can be a perfect solution to remove the fog or water droplets?
Regardless  fogging or mirrors with moisture is impossible to continue to use, it is common to wipe the droplets with a rag, so the necessity of effective fog removal is reflected.
The method of anti-fog for anti fog bathroom vanity mirror.
 ▲PET anti-fog film installed in the smart bathroom mirror is to rely on electric heating of the mirror itself, so that the mirror surface to achieve low temperature heating to remove the fog droplets after bathing.
It is a good idea to install PET anti-fog film after the smart bathroom mirror to achieve the role of defogging, wear-resistant heat-resistant anti-oxidation waterproof moisture-proof uniform heat are advantages.
▲Anti-fog film is electrified, note one thing that it  is to be sure to use our low voltage 12v, so in addition to removing the fog and also guarantee the safety.

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