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How led anti fog bathroom mirror works?

In the winter, a hot bath is a great treat. But after a beautiful hot bath, you may found the bathroom mirror are with white, nothing can be seen.
Why there is so much moisture at the mirror surface? In fact, it is the same as the dew we see in the fields in winter!
It is the reason that water vapor condensation on the surface at low temperatures weather.
Usually, the water vapor content in the bathroom is relatively small, although the surface temperature of the mirror is relatively low, but also does not form water vapor. During bathing , many water vapor emissions into the bathroom air, when the saturation state, the water vapor content in the air will not be more, the excess water vapor condensed on the objects in the bathroom, including the mirror.
And as we all learned in junior high school, water and glass are infiltrated, which means that the water will adhere to the surface of the glass.
These small micro-droplets, one by one, will act like a lens, reflecting or refracting light, and the mirror becomes unclear, affecting the line of sight.
Of course, it's not the water's fault! If we can't change the water vapor atmosphere in the bathroom, then, we can only find a way to change the mirror ......
How to make the surface of the mirror not be foggy?

Method one.
Apply soap or detergent on the mirror surface: use soapy water or detergent, apply it evenly on the mirror surface once.
Then wipe clean, as soap and water or detergent contain surfactants, can effectively prevent water vapor in the mirror surface condensation into water beads, to play the purpose of anti-fog.
Advantages: 1. obvious effect; 2. simple operation.
Disadvantages: 1. physical work, to ensure that the mirror surface are evenly coated and dry the mirror surface.
2. soap or detergent surfactants tend to attract dust, making the mirror more easily dirty.
3. short life, after a few months, it needs  to re-operation.

Method 2: Replace the mirror with anti-fog effect one.
You can buy a mirror with anti-fog function, the principle of this anti-fog mirror is: after the mirror paste a layer of composite resistance wire can be heated film, in need of heating, turn on the heating switch, paste in the mirror behind the heating wire began to work, the temperature of the glass rose, condensation on the surface of the mirror vapor evaporated, the mirror and become bright to see!
Advantages: 1. Electric heating and defogging effect is better; 2. Long service life, up to 5-8 years.
Disadvantages: 1. need to pre-arrange power outlets or rearrange the power cord; 2.
2. safety of electricity in the humid environment of the bathroom.

Method 3: Anti-fog film on the surface of the mirror
Another way to change the performance of the mirror surface is - paste anti-fog film. This film is essentially an anti-storm film, which is essentially the same as the film we put on car glass when we purchase a car. However, the anti-fog film is made of transparent PET as the raw material to ensure the permeability of the film layer. The surface of the film is then specially treated with a scratch-resistant layer and an anti-fog layer. Generally, there are two ways to achieve the effect of waterproof and anti-fog: one is water-repellent, the surface is coated with a water-repellent layer, when water droplets fall on the surface, they will not adhere to the glass, but will quickly slide down, the effect is like a lotus leaf. The other is coated with a hydrophilic layer, when water vapor condenses on the surface, instead of forming one small water droplet, it will spread out on the surface and form a uniform water film, which will not affect the sight of the mirror. Since the particles of water vapor condensation are very small, the mirror anti-fog film is more effective by using hydrophilic than hydrophobic.

At the same time, the mirror's glass is made of ordinary float glass rather than tempered glass to ensure flatness. The PET substrate of the anti-fog film has a certain strength, which can prevent the accidental shattering of the mirror, the sharp corner of the glass bulge and glass slag scattering, to ensure your safety of use.
Advantages: 1. film defogging effect is very good; 2. easy to install, no wiring.
3. No use of power, safe and reliable.
4. Excellent anti-fouling performance, anti-fog film hydrophilic can automatically clean the mirror stains.
5. Anti-violence performance,  avoiding accidental glass shattering splash.
But the effectiveness and service life of the mirror anti-fog film, and the anti-fog coating formula and production process is closely related to the purchase to recognize the brand 

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