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lighted bathroom mirror cabinet has lots of advantage

 Now a lot of Bathroom mirror cabinet is made as all-in-one, many homeowners will choose to buy them to store their toiletries, but there are some homeowners feel that the bathroom mirror cabinet is not much use, but also bad to take care of. So whether  the bathroom mirror cabinet is good or not , how to choose a bathroom mirror? Let's  take a look today.

So whether A bathroom bathroom mirror cabinet is good or not?

1, The advantages of the bathroom mirror cabinet

(1) As the bathroom space is small, especially in small homes, but we need to put a lot of things. Then the bathroom mirror cabinet can play a storage role, especially for girls,there are many bottles and jars with a large number, if all of them are placed on the countertop, they look cluttered, bathroom mirror cabinet just provides such a storage space, so that the bathroom looks more neat and generous.

(2)There are many bathroom mirror cabinet shape variety, and can be choosed by combined with their own home decoration style for owners. 

(3) bathroom cabinets can store items in addition to the hidden waterproof socket design, can meet the needs of the bathroom small appliances plugged in. Bathroom use of small appliances is more convenient, but also do not have to worry about the risk of electric shock.

2, the disadvantages of the bathroom mirror cabinet

(1)After installation of  bathroom mirror cabinet , they are basically in the closed state, the smell of  internal air circulation is not good, if wet, it is easy to produce odor.

(2) Because the bathroom mirror cabinet is installed above of sink , because everyone's height is not the same, so for tall residents, it is easy to hit the head.

(3) bathroom mirror cabinet to the bathroom to provide a storage space, but for the living process is an additional space to be cleaned, especially the space above  bathroom mirror cabinet and corners,  t is troublesome to clean them.

Second, how to choose a bathroom mirror cabinet

1,Pay attention to appearance

Should be from the front, side, reverse multi-angle to observe the mirror, you can slightly move down the line of sight, if the straight object is not bent deformation, which is a good quality mirror.

2, Pay attention to the style

According to the style of the bathroom and then to pick the mirror with the style, to be consistent with the overall bathroom style, such as some oval mirror is more suitable for European style, square mirror is more suitable for Chinese style and so on.

3, Pay attention to waterproof and rust-proof function

Ordinary mirror if placed for a long time in a more humid place will become dull, and even rust, shedding and other phenomena, so need to pay attention to the mirror's waterproof rust function, you can usually watch the mirror up close to the portrait of the floating, up and down or left and right moving down the line of sight, to see if the object is not bent deformation, you will know how good it is.

4, Pay attention to anti-fog function

After a shower will appear a lot of fog, resulting in the mirror surface becomes blurred. The market generally uses tailor-made anti-fog film, a translucent polyester film that can heat up after the electricity. Stick it on the back of the bath mirror right before use, as flat as possible for eas to use.


The above is about the bathroom bathroom mirror is good or not, the bathroom mirror has advantages and disadvantages, or see how the owner now, you can choose from the material, function, internal space and load-bearing capacity. A good choice of bathroom mirror cabinet will make the bathroom look clean and tidy, a way to add points to the overall face value.

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