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How to choose your washroom mirror lights?

How to choose a bathroom smart mirror, still in a daze?

With the gradual improvement of everyone's living standards, smart home products are gradually entering households. the advent of the new era of 5G has also brought vast prospects for the development of the bathroom smart mirror field. Many manufacturers have given the bathroom smart mirror more and more operational functions. The Android intelligent system and the traditional bathroom mirror organic combination, can realize in the intelligent mirror touch control, music playback, news playback, weather forecast, time, electronic perpetual calendar, digital clock display, weight control, skin quality test, network video and other closest to the daily life of the function, for everyone's daily life to increase the bright color, and more can realize the Internet of things intelligent home products interaction and control, let you feel the real sense of home. Let you feel the real sense of home intelligent daily life! So how to choose a bathroom smart mirror?

First of all, we must look at the raw materials of the bathroom smart mirror. Bathroom smart mirror to choose silver mirror, do not choose aluminum mirror. Silver mirror refraction is much better than the aluminum mirror, in the same light intensity irradiation, silver mirror will look a little brighter. Silver mirror production operation of raw material costs significantly higher than the aluminum mirror, so the use of years to be much higher. On the other hand to observe the surface layer and back of the bathroom smart mirror with the naked eye, the surface layer color is bright, the edges are neat and flat, the mirror glass molding without bending variation. Back power circuit part of the wiring is clear, electrical components are not crude, in line with the electricity standards.

Finally need to pay attention to the installation and use of bathroom smart mirror standards. Installation and use of bathroom mirror front light, to need to pay attention to avoid the formation of light effects, recommended installation and use of lampshades, or choose frosted glass surface layer of lighting fixtures, installation and use, need to pay attention to never destroy the wall, especially in the tile wall hanging bathroom mirror, as far as possible, choose to punch holes in the interface of raw materials. When bathing, the bathroom mirror in the bathroom is vaporized blurred, you can apply soap on the mirror glass, and then scrub with a dry cloth, can avoid the mirror glass blurred. Dirt on the bathroom mirror can be used with a soft cloth or gauze dipped in some kerosene or wax scrubbing, but do not use a wet cloth scrubbing, or the mirror glass will be blurred, and the glass is susceptible to corrosion.

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